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An automated hospital is likely to be a dream of many, Siteclues now introduce The most advanced Hospital Management System

The efficiency of the modern hospital basically depends upon the efficiency to manage the administration, voluminous patients and the information of finance on the minute-minute basis.
Sitecluse HMS is a very easy to use and the comprehensive system of hospital management meeting this requirement round the clock. Developed within the consultation with the leading providers of the healthcare and in depth of the hospital study processes.

WHY CHOOSE US: Easy to use Interface /Completely Integrated/ Inventory/Recipe Management/ Actionable Reports anytime

 Registration & Enquiry
 Pharmacy Management
 HR Management
 OP Management
 IP Management
 Blood Bank Management
 Finance Management
 Inventory Management
 Self Service Portals


School Management

Fee Management & Online Payment

Parent Teacher Collaboration

Online examination & assignment

SMS Alert to Parents

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Realestate ERP

Visitor control system

Booking management system

Agent management program

Sales and transaction module

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Restaurant Mgmt. System

Touch based POS

Remote KOT Printing

Kitchen Display System

Tab and Mobile Ordering

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Hospital Management

Registration & Enquiry

Pharmacy Management

OP Management

Finance Management

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GST Billing Software

GST Compliant Invoicing/Billing

Sales Orders & Report

Customers Management

Automatic Invoice taxes & total calculation

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Stock Management

Batchwise Inventory

Multiple price lists and Discounts

Serial No based Inventory

Configurable Billing Extras

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