1. How long does it take for a web design to be finished?

The time duration of a web design project is frequently directed by the customer. If you have a due date as a top priority we will try to reach it for you. The most widely recognized postpone in the creation and completion of a site is waiting for content (information/pictures) to be sent to us by the customer. For most projects, we have taken 2-3 weeks to complete.

2. Will we need a get together meeting to start a project?

In most of the cases a gathering isn't important and the majority of our sites are finished with contact through email and phone only. We place your website designs online through, our secure testing server for you to view the progress work. In this way we can have regular communication to guarantee you are getting precisely what you expect from the Siteclues.com.

3. In case if I require more pages. What is the price?

You may include extra pages whenever during and after the web design procedure is finished. Our web design group is here to create you a site to suit your exact needs and specifications. The expense for additional pages included to one of our plans is INR 800 for every page.

4. Are there any hidden charges associated with web design services?

No. We talk about with you your site prerequisites and after that cost appropriately and once you have submitted an order for your site design with us, we work hard so the illustrated value quote is strictly adhered to. Web configuration is really an evolutionary procedure and regularly customers change the extent of a venture once underway. if the need to modify the value quote emerges, we will communicate this to you before any additional work is begun. I changes and/or additions are asked for by the customer extra expenses will be consented to.

5. How do I upgrade my website?

There are numerous distinctive methods which can be utilized to upgrade sites. The system you select and the functionality we incorporate with your site design is only up to yourself and your financial plan confinements. Obviously, Siteclues is constantly accessible to assist you with any future increments and progressions you would like. We will be happy to advise you which strategy will meet your needs.

If you have a little site consisting of only a couple of pages and will just wish to roll out improvements occasionally, then normally it is savvier basically to ask Siteclues to do these updations for you. Different systems which are oftentimes selected are generally dependent upon the amount information or data and pictures you have and how you store this data at present.

We can give an online content management system where you can either upgrade your items/pages/services or specific segments of your site. e.g. organization news.

On the other hand we can give functionality such that you can transfer your whole item goes to the site in one activity utilizing spreadsheets and so on. We can likewise include databases if you wish.

6. Will my web design be Responsive (Mobile Ready)?

Almost all websites design by us is fully Responsive.

7. Do I need to have with you?

No! The Web Design Services are offered as a stand alone item separate from our extraordinary hosting deals. When the design is finished you may take the whole site and transfer it to your current hosting services. Obviously, if you don't have any hosting supplier we would be more than glad to suggest some of our fabulous hosting services that are custom-made to suit your requirements!

8. Do I get email addresses associated with my website domain?

Yes. You will get custom email addresses with the domain of your site. The number of email addresses you get relies on the hosting package you purchase.